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of somebody like marco rubio. in some respects i kind of think of him a little bit as almost a test case for how the american population relates to a latino politician. that was reason enough for me to write a book about him. because in the same way that you look at the reasons why you want to write a newspaper article, i think you also have to ask that question when you're setting out to write a book. and i've come up with three answers. one was the answer that i had when i first thought about doing the book. i know the is one that kind of evolved while i was working on it, and the third is one that sort of came to mind afterwards. and there were differences but i think that you they are not mutually exclusive. so what was the first answer to the question? the first answer was that this guy has probably better prospects of going to what we would call little help on the, the casablanca, or the white house, then any american latino politician in our history. and so i decided that i would read a few things for you, to you that kind of illustrate each of these three answers. it's i think i'
estimate almost 200 children ended up living wild during the 1950's and 1960's. >> marcos grew up with a family of rules -- will spirit he recalls how he joined the pack at the age of seven -- grew up with a family of wolves. >> i saw a few wolf pups and played with them. i followed them into their den and fell asleep. then the vixen came and gave me the i, so i squeezed into a hollow in the rock. she came up to me and began licking me, and with that, i belonged. >> today, he is 66. he lives in a small village. he had to work hard to learn how to speak. he has never quite grown accustomed to civilized life, despite its comforts. >> everything is very simple here. you make fire with a lighter, not with stones. that is how everything is. out there, you can do whatever you want. you do not have to wear clothes. everyone here says, "just look at this pair of pants. the shoes do not match. the shirt -- blah blah blah." people just do not leave you alone. >> he was always something as an outsider, finding it difficult to fit in with villagers. people regarded him as a wild man, uncivili
to change that. here's an excerpt about one of the former dropouts who's profiled. 18-year-old marco is dealing with a complicated family situation that jeopardizes his chances. >> i was learning everything just... like my whole life changed. just seeing my mom cry made me not want to go to school anymore and help me pay had the bills and help my little sister stay in school. i dropped out for a whole semester. i was 17 at the time, 16. i was like working 40 hours or more a week which i still do. i didn't get out until 3:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the morning got home around 4:00 or 5:00 and sleep like three or four hours and i don't know how i got used to that life. i just had to suck it up. my mother she cared. she used to tell me you're going to go back to school one day, right? i was like yes mom i have to graduate from high school no matter what. my brother didn't do it and i don't want to be cutting grass like him. one day i was coming home from work and i saw this sign. i was like i need to come back like i have to go back to school. >> when marco came to school he was so happ
ryan and marco rubio did particularly well and we gallon over clint eastwood's speech. in this country, we don't have to settle for what we have going on right now. >> when i was waiting tables, washing ditious or mowing lawns for money, i never thought of myself as stuck in some station in life. i was on my own path. my own journey, an american journey, where i could think for myself, decide for myself, define happiness for myself. that's what we do in this country. that's the american dream! that's freedom. and i'll take it any day over the supervision and the sarchght sarchght -- over the sanctimony of the central planners. >> sean: have you dialed me on occasion. i have not hit those numbers. >> sean, sean, sometimes do you well. but not often do do you that well. that would be in the top 3% of all clips we have tested. im going to tell the viewers something which may surprise them. paul ryan dialed better than mitt romney among independent voters, among those who are still considering both candidates, paul ryan's speech was more favorably received than mitt romney's speech. the re
't able to eat breakfast either, so... >> do you eat bananas? >> yeah. >> do you want that one? for marco, getting a snack out of that cabinet is his touch base and just letting me know, "i'm here." >> thank you. >> it's all good. >> i'll see you later. >>when was the last time you ate? >>yesterday at school, until right now. >>why haven't you eaten? >>i work, and, uh... i wasn't able to eat because i don't have money, and i went home and right away i had to go to work. and that's when everything just went and changed. like, my whole life changed. just seeing my mom cry just made me not want to go to school anymore and just help her pay her bills and help my little sister stay in school. need some help? >> yes, can i get some of the spicy jerk turkey? >> i dropped out for a whole semester. i was 17 at the time, 16, and i was working 40 hours or more a week, which i still do. and i didn't get off until 3:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the morning. got home around 4:00 or 5:00 and then i'd sleep for like three or four hours and then, i don't know, i was never used to that life, so i just had to
native. >> marco rubio. >> he was one of the stars. no question. we saw a lot of the bench of the republican party. the next wave. chris christie and marco rubio. >> i thought rubio's speech was similar to the barack obama speech in 2004 when he grabbed the attention. it was a compelling speech. i think the best speech of the convention. >> it was strong leading into mitt romney's. he captured the crowd. one of the things i was thinking was wow. how was mitt romney going to sound after marco rubio is done? >> a high bar. >> belva: what we didn't talk about was the protest that was expected here. we know about the storm and that threw schedules off. are you surprised that there wasn't more people on the streets? >> whatever happened to occupy? we thought the first convention with occupy wall street. i was prepared for a big protest. i never covered a convention where i did not have to run out of the hall because something crazy happening on the street. it did not happen here. >> only a handful of arrests. i think the most interesting thing was we saw every night code pink en
hispanos, juliÁn castro y el senador de la florida marco rubio. ibruno! ite toca! iya voy! iestoy dándole a mis snacks más sabor a queso! pero cheez-it ya tiene queso. es que los quiero crujientes. si ya son muy crujientes. apúrate! ♪ [ pita ] [ explosión ] [ locutor ] todo el sabor que quieres está en cheez-it®. la galletita dorada hecha con 100% queso de verdad. cheez-it®. siente el crunch. siente el queso. y quiero unirte a un aroma irresistible como el detergente gain apple mango tango. o su gemelo, el suavizante. conoce a uno, a otro o a los 10. ♪ >> continuando con enfoque una de las estrellas de la convenciÓn nacional democrata, la semana pasada en choarlotte, fue el alcalde de texas, juliÁn castro, hablÉ con el momentos despuÉs de su discurso. >> la historia de mi familia no es especial, lo que sÍ es especial que los estados unidos que ha hecho posible nuestra historia, la nuestra es una naciÓn como ninguna otra, el lugar en donde los grandes viajes se pueden hacer en una pura generaciÓn, el camino siempre es hacia adelante los dÍas actuales no son fÁciles pero
speakers marco rubio and others. margie you can speak to this mitt romney has bridge with single female voters women without children. all women not that far apart. barack obama has a six point advantage. last night after that story mark alluded to of the couple who lost their son to cancer when they said he did the write things when there were no cameras around. he went above and beyond dulls the possibility of leftist excoriating him as monopoly guy with a top hat. >> there are a couple of issues. there is this personal -- sense that he can't personally connect with a lot of voters which is something we are talking about. i think did he a good job last night. that doesn't mean. >> laura: success connects. >> doesn't need ever to do it again. these keep that up until november when he hasn't been able to do it up until now. just one speech. is it an aberration, we will see. other pieces it's just not about his ability to personally connect. it's about his policies. and these stories while good stories, they don't mean that his policies and the policies of paul ryan are really going to h
que marco fabián no espera asustarse, un poco de descanso, pumas cambió de director técnico, pero no cambió de ritmo, pero los xolos continúan sorprendiendo en la liga mx, veamos. >>> los xolos que continúan su gran paso y son súper líderes, al irse a cancún y dominar a los potros 2 a 1, los xolos con 19 puntos superan a los diablso que tienen 17. >>e> n ciudad universitaria los pumas cayeron ante san luis 1 a 0 con gol de mendoza el director técnico mario carrillo que fue abucheado no buscó excusas, y dijo que él era el principal culpable de la derrota. >>> los rayados de monterrey derrotaron 3 a 2 a los camoteros, con goles de delgado, de nigris, después de buen y romo con el empate, pero reyna para el 3 a 2. >>> marco fabián está fuera de acción por las próximas 3 semanas, donde cayó en una jugada al intentar superar al rival, tuvo una luxación en el hombro izquierdo. >>> la revancha entre julio césar chávez junior y sergio maravilla martínez ya se está cocinando, sergio maravilla martínez se fracturó la mano izquierda, y esto lo mantendría alejado un tie
donde se hospedaban, en el marco de la cumbre de las americas, la ex esposa de un militar nos cuenta que algo parecido acabó con su matrimonio. --"edwin pitti", nos tiene la historia... enseguida en noticias univision 14...--en venezuela se intensifica la contienda presidencial, dos personas murieron en una caravana electoral,--un error cometido en una farmacia casi cobra la vida de un niÑo. enterese por qué este tipo de confusiones son muy comunes. --y se avisora un incremento en el costo de la carne y otros productos de consumo diario. --le contamos a que se debe. test teeste test test test test desde el año 2000 hay 095 mil r45eportes por confusión de medicamentos ampliamos la información no recuerda lo sucedido pero su madre no podrá olvidarlo "esta oscuro, tengo miedo" este pequeño casi muere por una ,confusión de medicamentos en el hospital descubrieron lo sucedido, el niño tenía sobredosis de metadona en la farmacia de bronston pidió ritalin, pero le dieron metadona, meedicamento usado para tratar la adicción a la heroína se reportan 6 casos de confusión, ella no qu
on the big things facing america. >> and marco rubio who delivered one of the most powerful speeches at this or any other conscrention pulled his punches on the president in a personal way. >> let me clearr so no one understands. our problem is not that president obama is a bad person. he is a good husband and father and thanks to a lot of practice, a good golfer. our problem is not that he's a bad person. our person is that he's a bad president. [applause] >> and even gop nominee mitt romney made clear his sharp differences with the president could have been described by michael. >> it is not personal. it is strikeoutlyy business. >> i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. [applause] >> that's right. it was not personal all week longg. it was just business. now were the republicans being artificially nice? i doubt that. republicans can be just as mean as democrats at times, but it would not have accomplished a thing in the convention. the building are true believers and the ones watching at home are probably living the realities of obama presidency. t
. thank you. >>> time now to check in with lauren demarco to see what is happening on the roads. >> wisdom, your kids are on punishment so they cant watch a movie. >> can't watch any tv for a week. >> sound like punishment to you. >> i can watch the movie. they just can't be in the room while i'm watching tv. >> solitary confinement? >> that's right. i'm the king in the martin household. >> if you are traveling in howard county, a building fire and 175 is closed at dorsey run road. your hov restricts lifted around town everywhere except for route other the january hanson highway. we did have some flooding over the weekend. all of the roads that were closed for flooding have been reopened in the district so that shouldn't be an issue. you do have splice pavement so watch out for that because you are traveling at speed. 95, 359, no issues for you there. -- you do have splice pavement so watch out for that because you are traveling at speed -- you do have slick pavement so watch out for that because you are traveling at speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >>> peo
, does it go over well on a stage. at the republican national convention there was florida senator marco rubio. >> my dad was a bartender. my mom was a cashier, a hotel maid, a stock clerk at k mart. they never made it big. just a few decades removed from hopelessness, they made possible for us all the things that had been impossible for them. >> now, that was some pretty good stuff, and last night we had a repeat of good. it was at the dnc. this is san antonio mayor julian castro with his identical twin brother introducing him. >>y grandmother never owned a house. she cleaned other people's houses so she could afford to rent her own, but she saw her daughter become the first in her family to graduate from college. and my mother fought hard for civil rights so that instead of a mop, i could hold this microphone. >> no one will argue that is some strong stuff, too. and with that speech, mayor castro made history. he is the first latino to deliver a keynote address at the dnc ever. he and his twin brother joaquin spoke to piers morgan last night, and here's what julian said about his histo
something that might surprise you. i thought that marco rubio gave a great speech. the fact of the matter is, you can admire your adversaries from the other side of the aisle. i thought that they were both very good speeches. i also think that this is not going to be just about speeches. it is going to be about facts. whether it is medicare or the budget, whether it is the tax plan, they do not go much into the specifics of all of that. what it means to the middle class. there were some great speeches, some soaring rhetoric. as a number of people have chronicled this morning, not a lot of facts, specifically. >> is the issue here illegal immigration? are there still concerns that they might have about the immigration plan from the mitt romney paul ryan ticket? or has that been addressed? >> it is a good question. this platform calling for self- deportation, what does that mean? they're going to make life so miserable, conditions so intolerable for these people, the vast majority of whom are working, people who have 5 million citizen children, more than 1 million children who have lived here
together. >>> coming up, sports the a's take on king felix and the mariners in seattle. and super marco does it again for the giants and the opener of their monster series against the dodgers. gary is coming up next, he has highlights. >>> good evening everybody, the giants are the real thing. the ballpark in san francisco, brian wilson gets out with some motivated teammates including tim lincecum. and lincecum pretty good. seven strike out, seven walks getting out of trouble in the 6th inning. the dodgers did go ahead. but hey back come the giants. hunter pence cannot be handled. pagan scores, game tied at two. marco scutero continues to be a man in the clutch. it drops in right field. home is home is blanco home is skutero. 5-2 giants they're now up by five 1/ -- 5-1/2 games. i know it's still the first week in september but they win one more and that might be the knock out blow. three straight losses for the angels. had a few fans wondering if the fun was about to stop. the a's, george cateros a three run block. hernandez 4-2/3. i heard interesting you know they were kicking it aroun
to the american people and gives us a glimpse of the campaign to come. plus, from paul ryan to marco rubio, to condoleezza rice, the other big moments from the rnc. and as president obama gets set to make his case for four more years, our panel previews next week's democratic convention in charlotte. ♪ president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. and to heal the planet. my promise is to help you and your family. (cheer (cheers) >> welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. republican presidential nominee mitt romney bringing down the house with that line in tampa thursday night. there's no question it was the most important speech of his career, how did he do and what did it tell about the campaign to come. let's welcome the wall street journal columnist, dan henninger, dorothy rabinowitz, kim strassel. dan one of the main goals of the convention to improve the image of mitt romney with independent voters, undecided voters. did they accomplish that? >> they most personal accomplished that, they have proven, i think, with all of the testimonials from pe
nine. giants down 8-7. buster posey singles to left. marco scutaro scores. the game is tied at 8-8. giants led 4-0, at one point. scutaro singles down the line. brandon crawford scores. and the giants come from behind the win. 9-8, the final. marco institute owe, what do you have? >> just keep fighting. and even, you know, they got some big hits. with men in scoring position. we just kept our head down and kept fighting. >>> angels and a's. tough outing for tommy milone. 2-0 angels in the top of the third. torii hunter homers to left. his 13th of the year. 3-0, angels on top. 4-0 in the fourth, when vernon wells hits a solo shot to left. 5-0, angels. that's it for milone. he threw 67 pitches. bottom of the fifth. 5-2, angels. c.j. wilson in trouble. josh reddick pops up to second to end the inning. and the angels win, 8-3. >>> the 49ers put parys haralson on injured reverse. he had an arm injury in a preseason game against the denver broncos. harrelson was slated to be the top linebacker. >>> that's your latest sports. let's go back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll be right
for the red hot. marco scutoro, giants lead, 5-1, top of the ninth, two outs, fly out to center. yes, they are the national league west division champs. giants win, 8-4. >> we have had a lot of fun from the beginning of it. and whatever has happened during the season you will have little bumps here and there. and luckily we have been actually pretty healthy this year, we have had other hiccups, guys took it in stride and didn't worry about it. >> i just tried to show up every day, and ready to play. you know, just contribute. and try to just help the team win. >> it is a great feeling. you know you put in so much work, throughout the course of the year this is what you worked for. it is step one, and you know, i think we have to finish throwing the last ten games of the regular season, and go into the post-season with momentum. >> great night for the giants, but we have much more from tonight's division-clinching game, and reaction from the clubhouse, later in the show. dianna, back to you. >>> all right, thank you, henry, we continue our coverage of giant's big win with nbc's kimber
vivieron para repudiar este tipo de esclavitud de nuestro tiempo. >>> en el marco por la commemoriaciÓn del dÍa de la trata de personas, se dijo que muchas vÍctimas fueron rescatadas en mÉxico, se han desarticulado 14 bandas, y procesado a mÁs de 200 delincuentes, tambiÉn lulogramos vincular estas organizaciones delictivas con bandas de redes internacionales. >>> para roci orozco la atenciÓn que tienen las autoridades hacia las vÍctimas cambiÓ. >>> hace poco una de las vÍctimas me decia que el ministerio pÚblico me dijo tu vales mÁs. >>> a finales de la dÉcada de los 90 carla y sus hermanas fueron vÍctimas de este delito, este fin de semana donde se soltaron globos blancos para los que son vÍctimas de trata exhorto a prevenirlo. >>> me siento orgullosa de formar parte de un proyecto tan importante para rescatar tantas niÑas que viven distintos tipos de esclavitud. en mÉxico habÍa 20 mil personas que son sometidas a las peores formas de explotaciÓn, por lo que los reciÉn electos presentaron puntos de acuerdo para la creaciÓn de trata de personas. >>> todo el marco legal l
in demarco murray, who i thought had a brilliant game tonight. jason witten said we have to get guys to share the burden, can't put the whole thing on tony romo. tony romo put this team on his back tonight but he had a lot more help this evening than he had a season ago. >> al: so for jerry jones, we mentioned this last year, the team he didn't want to see last year was "us." they've been terrible home and road. but i think we're back in the good graces, at least for a month or so. >> cris: everything they did was right. they get the two new guards in and the running game works. but two new corners and the move of bruce carter into the linebacker position gives them two speedy linebackers, two bump and run corners on the outside. this is a different dallas football team. >> al: dallas cowboys come in, they don't know about witten with the lacerated spleen, austin, and bryant had played so little. ogletree had not been a character that was going to become a star in any of his prior seasons with these guys. and all of a sudden ascends tonight. here's garrett, whose team was coughing up
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 641 (some duplicates have been removed)